Implementation Process



In this step, we review your specific business processes and determine your exact requirements. We work together with you to ensure that all the relevant business processes are documented in sufficient detail.

At the end of this step, we shall have a statement of work for the implementation project along with your documentation of business requirements and the solutions your partner proposes.


Solution Modelling

Iterative design, configuration, and development, followed by Initial training and user acceptance testing.



The process here includes several technical steps, such as: Creation of the production environment, Load testing and Data migration and validation.
Finally, your new ERP goes live. It’s often good to have this done on a Monday morning, so your team can come in fresh and start work in the new system.



The goal of the operation step is to transition you from the implementation project, through a successful go-live, into ongoing support.
Together, we create final documentation for the solution as well as for a project review. You may also have ad hoc questions that require input from us. We then offer continued user and technical support.

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